About Switch-on™

The Switch-on™ mission:
To address literacy difficulties that affect the life chances of children, young people and adults.

Switch-on™ values
Switch-on™ is committed to providing effective, evidenced-based support for children, young learners and adults that can have a positive effect on their life chances. Using our wealth of expertise, academic knowledge and current research we ensure that Switch-on™ is a cost effective, high impact intervention.
We are passionate in providing ongoing, high quality professional development for teachers, teaching assistants support staff and parents, so that they are fully equipped to support struggling learners. Our text-based approach places emphasis on meaning and context in order to develop a broad range of reading and writing strategies.

The Switch-on™ intervention
Switch-on™ is a reading and writing intervention for children, young people and adults who are experiencing literacy difficulties.
Switch-on™ is:
  • led by trained teaching & support assistants
  • a 20 minute, daily intervention
  • a 1-1, personalised approach
  • based upon principles which encourage active, independent problem-solving
  • made up of alternate reading and writing sessions
  • based on detailed observation with strategy-based feedback
Switch-on™ is based on rigorous, ongoing academic research and enables struggling readers and writers to achieve accelerated progress.
To find out more about our training and support packages please feel free to contact us.

Please note: If you wish to deliver the Switch-on™ intervention you must attend one of our training courses. All of our materials are copyright, and cascading is not permitted as there is evidence that this approach makes interventions less effective. Please see copyright terms for details.
A map of Switch-on™ trainers locations will be online shortly.
Switch-on currently sits within Nottinghamshire County Council. The intervention has been developed by Jose Coles and Paula Burrell and is delivered by a network of national trainers.